From the Principal

Best Jeugie Community


I trust that you are well during this uncertain and trying times. I want to assure you that you are part of our Jeugie family, where we will stand by each other’s side no matter what.  I found it necessary to share some ideas with everybody that might bring clarity on a few issues.


My opinion on Covid 19 is as follows:  I don’t believe this virus was dropped off in South Africa on the night of 26 March at midnight, we hence had to be isolated and it will leave us again when this lockdown is over.  We are on unfamiliar territory and will at best experience an unusual year.  At Jeugland we will always hence defend the wellbeing and health of staff and learners.   This school will adhere to the law and every policy in detail without any exceptions. 


Thank you for this opportunity to share a few ideas with you.  May God bless you with safety and health. 


Kind Regards


Dr DJ Morris

This will be determined by the President and Department of Basic Education. I trust that a national announcement will be made in this regard.  Please be weary off untrue messages in this regard.  The school will confirm this date when it has been communicated to us by credible sources.

Every learning area in our school has its own Annual Teaching Plan (ATP).  Educators have to follow this plan at all times.  The plan dictates the content and time spent teaching it in all learning areas in all grades.  The whole content prescribed by the ATP for the first term in all learning areas has been completed in Jeugland.  The Department of Basic Education will definitely be prescriptive as far as school terms, content and time spent teaching that content is concerned (thus the ATP for the rest of the year).  No dates are available yet and we don’t want to make decisions based on speculation. 


Successful learning takes place when content is explained, the learner understands it and the learner revisits/memorises it regularly.  The aim of the academic web site (and other initiatives taken by staff members) is to revisit the content taught to the learners during the first term.  There is no need for concern for learners who do not have access to the internet.  I recommend that they draw up a timetable and methodically revisit, memorise and repeat term one’s content in all learning areas.

There are families in our school without the prospect of having food on their tables every night.  Jeugland assisted these families during the lockdown with the help of contributions made by the community.  The need for food in these families will still exist after this period of isolation.  We will hence call on our school community, when Jeugland opens again, for contributions of food in order to assist our families in need.

Yes please.  Jeugland is a fee-paying school.  Our school has inevitable expenses every day, like your own household and every other school.  Regulations for exemptions, as prescribed by the South African School’s Act, will 100% be adhered to by our school and Governing Body.  Exemptions will only be made to those people who qualify to the set criteria of the law.  I believe that national announcements will be made if any changes are made here by the Government.