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Dr. D Morris

Principal Hoërskool Jeugland

Dear Parent (s)

Nowadays it is no longer a small task to choose the suitable high school for your child. Important decisions must be made based on very few concrete facts available to one's disposal. However, high school is the most important part of a child's school life.

Dear Parent (s)


Nowadays it is no longer a small task to choose the suitable high school for your child. Important decisions must be made based on very few concrete facts available to one's disposal. However, high school is the most important part of a child's school life.


High school is important, because it should prepare the child in totality for life. The child must be guided in such a manner by puberty that he/she will form a character and personality in which the rest of his/her life can be built. During these five years your child should receive enough stimulation in the right subjects that will lead to a realistic vocational choice and, of course, mean the success or failure of such a child's total life. Other factors that play important roles in the selection of a high school are: what is my heart and mind saying, the practical location of the school, traditions, values, norms, discipline, opportunities and friends.


Jeugland focuses on the child in totality. Here we give to each other and accept each other as he/she is. Through faith, hope, love, hard work and enthusiasm, our school succeeds in creating a safe environment in which children can dare and develop to their full potential. In our educational circle there is room for every child to grow, dream and to pursue ideals. Here, no limitations are placed on our children's development or participation, and each of them can reach their own potential and compete with themselves.


Our school's merit system and performance bursaries are available to everyone, and recognizes all who meet the criteria.


If the above factors are important to you, you are definitely at the right school. Welcome to Jeugland where we are committed to accountability and customer service. Academics, sport, culture and leadership are addressed from a Christian faith perspective.


Jeugland is the most diverse school in the country with a heart of gold. Here the similarity of education is being tackled with differences. Come and make your mark at Jeugland!

Jeugie Greetings


Dr D Morris



Free, but bound to you

It's from the first step on the school grounds where everyone is greeting each other whether you are Gr8 or matric, because we are family- that is Jeugie pride.


It is the standing together under the barn on a Monday morning, because we can praise our Creator...

Jeugie PRIDE

It's from the first step onto the school grounds ... where everyone greets each other, whether you are Gr.8 or Gr.12, because we are a family…That is Jeugie Pride.


The gathering at assembly on Monday mornings, because we can praise our Creator…That is Jeugie Pride.


You can hear Mrs. Pieterse’s voice hanging in the corridors when you are late for class because our academics comes first… That is Jeugie Pride.


Mr. Bezuidenhout's sense of humour, Mrs. Letsie Pretorius’s love for Coke, Mrs. Zelna du Plooy’s laughter... Mr. Neels Poley's heart and... Dr. Morris' pride, we have teachers who care ...... That is Jeugie Pride.


When we pray and take each other’s shoulders, I know we are here for each other… That is Jeugie Pride.


If you put that sweater, dress or shirt over your head in the First team room and you hear your own heart beating ... That is Jeugie Pride.


When you look up during the game and see the green white and blue flags, and hear the Jeugies scream .... no matter what the scoreboard says... That is Jeugie Pride.


To stand on a stage together and wait for the winners to be announced ... because we celebrate together, but we also cry together ... That is Jeugie Pride.


If you fall asleep in class during Extravaganza week and help each other during break time to practice the dance for the evening ... That is Jeugie Pride.


The drive back on buses late at night and listen to music or sing along, because we are one ..... That is Jeugie Pride.


Jeugland Learner


Our Management - Our Pride




Senior RCL


The Representative Council of Learners (RCL) is an official body that represents all the learners of our school. The RCL consists of learners who are elected in a democratic manner from each grade of the school. It is their task to hold the learners' view to the management of the school, the school's governing body and the public.


The vision of the Representative Council of Learner (RCL) is to:

  • Serve as a recognized link between the learner and the staff and vice versa;
  • To unite all role-players of the school learners, teachers and parents to promote an ethos of mutual respect and cooperation;
  • To recognize and respect unbiased acceptance of all cultures, ethnic groups and convictions for all learners in the school;
  • To be loyal to our school and to support all activities;
  • To put a good example in action and behaviour;
  • Maintain and build the school's traditions;
  • To apply discipline and maintain order in school;
  • Positively contribute to the school’s image in the community and to market the school continuously with exemplary behaviour;
  • Under the guidance of the head and the staff to manage the school by the correct channels to resolve any dispute that may arise.


The RCL also has a lot of fun activities that they offer. These are functions such as the fancy Valentine's Ball as well as different social events. There is also our unique academic coronation evening that is produced by the RCL’s Academic Council. The “Battle of the Talents” competition, “Groentjie” concert and other cultural activities are presented by the RCL culture council and are always first on the school's programme. Our sport council is always present at all the school's sporting events.


The RCL also enjoys the annual RCL camp where the learners get to know each other better, as well as to develop their leadership skills. Our RCL is also involved in the ATKV's leadership camps and some of the learners who attend the camps form part of the school's head leaders. For young leaders there is also the opportunity to make their mark by fulfilling the role of class leaders. Class leaders are selected annually from the Grade 8 group and form part of the RCL's junior council.


They are the council from which we develop leaders, but is also the backbone of the RCL who is actively involved in various community service in the school, also in community projects in Kempton Park. The RCL is the heartbeat of the learners at Jeugland as well as the place where each Jeugie can live their dream of leadership.


Governing Body

Governing Body Letter

Phillip Ruthven

A beacon in our history


2020 will forever stand as a marker or beacon in our history. A year in which everything we knew and know, even reluctantly accepted, was turned upside down. Things that used to be important suddenly became insignificant, while we realized the value of things we had often left behind: time as a family, time with friends; our health; our dependence on God for our daily bread.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has also changed the education landscape for the better. Our traditional way of schooling will surely never be the same again and requires innovative thinking around teaching. For Jeugland, academics is and remain our core business and we can proudly say that our educator corps is equipped to meet the challenges that the coronavirus has brought with it.


The changing educational landscape also requires that parents, educators and learners join hands more than ever before to achieve success, even though each of us experiences unique pressures in our personal and professional lives. It requires a partnership in which we form an unbreakable chain of bondage and security: whether it is through the faithful payment of school fees or the support of your child to adapt to a new way of thinking and doing, and a stricter pace of work.


2020 is also a wonderful milestone in our school's history - we are celebrating 50 years this year in which Jeugland equipped young people with the foundation to a brighter future. From entertainment personalities to sports stars and successful business people – thousands of old Jeugies can testify to a diverse, well balanced education that gave them wings to a free future.


Jeugland is one of a kind and our children are unique. The hearts and hands of the Jeugies testify to caring - for each other and for our community. That is why I believe and know that this will be a special year for each of us - a marker or beacon in our history. One that will be a light on the road for generations to come.


Phillip Ruthven

Governing Body Chairman


Contact email:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Dr David Morris

Anna Pieterse

Alex de Kock

Zelna du Plooy

Alfrieda Pretorius

Albert Ruthenberg

Jaco Van Den Berg

Jaques Otto

Renier Harmse

Dries du Plessis

Cobus Muller

Hanel Arieli

Eugene Du Plooy

Edward Strauss







Vice principal – Academics

Vice principal – Sport




Vice chairperson













Learners in Jeugland are offered the opportunity to optimally showcase and utilize their leadership traits. Being appointed as a leader is a great responsibility and an honour.  Jeugie leaders are young people with a passion for life that is in line with the educational roots in our school, community and province. As early as grade 8 potential leaders are identified in class context. These learners go through a leadership development programme and are trained by senior leaders.

Their responsibilities include, but is not limited to, the following:

  • Class discipline
  • Announcements during school opening
  • Thought-of-the-week posters
  • Fundraising Projects
  • Community service
  • Extensive work distribution during school functions and activities.


The Junior RCL engages each learner in the "youth-giving-to-projects", ranging from:

  • Staff Birthdays
  • Casa Caritas
  • Dream House in Potchefstroom
  • SPCA (Save-a-pet)
  • Casual Day
  • CANSA (wild hairstyle day)


We have a special badge that learners wear to show that they are a learner with a heart of gold and care about others to make such a difference in our community.


If you are a special person, who believes that even the smallest of the fact can bring the greatest change and are willing to work hard, then Jeugland is definitely the place where you can live your leadership 100%.


Professional Teachers

We would like to see that every Jeugie is a bright-eyed child, meaning they will look forward to coming to school, will be happy and will cultivate self-confidence. Together with the aforesaid, we also want to see that every Jeugie will have the opportunity to fully exploit their potential, whether on academic, sport or cultural level.